Visit the VISA Office for a tax treaty analysis

If you are an international faculty or staff member, scholar, or student employee, make an appointment with the VISA Office every year to complete a tax treaty analysis. The analysis will determine whether you are eligible for tax treaty benefits or other exemptions and to what extent. Without this analysis, your taxes will be withheld at the higher resident alien rate, regardless of whether you qualify for a tax treaty benefit or an exemption from FICA. As your eligibility may change from year to year, the VISA Office recommends you complete a new tax analysis annually. Individuals are encouraged to visit soon because they are not able to retroactively claim benefits, except possibly through their next income tax return.

The Internal Revenue Service has a comprehensive section for international taxpayers on their website. IRS taxpayer assistance centers are another good source for personal tax help when you believe your tax issue cannot be handled online or by phone, and you want face-to-face assistance. If you need to resolve a tax problem, have questions about how the tax law applies to your individual tax return, or you’re just more comfortable talking with someone face-to-face, visit your local taxpayer assistance center, where you can present your records and talk with an IRS representative in person. Appointments are recommended and may be scheduled by calling the office you wish to visit.

Before visiting your local office, check to see what services are available. Services may vary from site to site. As many of these offices are located in federal office buildings, visitors may not be able to bring cell phones with camera capabilities.

You can learn more about international tax resources and make an appointment for a tax treaty analysis on the VISA Office’s website. If you have questions, call 216.368.6964 or email Note that the VISA Office staff are not tax professionals or accountants and they cannot assist with personal taxation questions. International staff, faculty, scholars and students are encouraged to do their own research regarding tax preparation services and U.S. tax regulations prior to filing their tax returns.

This information has been gathered from the IRS and other sources of information readily available to the public. The listing of any external services is in no way a recommendation or endorsement of these services by Case Western Reserve University.