Photo illustration of the earth with connections around the world marked
Blue Globe viewing from space at night with connections between cities. (World Map Courtesy of NASA:

Virtual Symposium on Digital Globalization

How should multinationals navigate a world where both globalization and deglobalization forces coexist? And what role can digital business strategies play in that? At the 2022 Virtual Symposium on Digital Globalization, attendees will hear from an eminent set of senior multinational executives and business scholars.

The symposium also will showcase the new book, The Digital Multinational: Navigating the New Normal in Global Business, co-authored by Satish Nambisan, the Nancy and Joseph Keithley Professorship of Technology Management at Weatherhead School of Management, and Yadong Luo, a professor at University of Miami.

The virtual symposium will take place Friday, Feb. 25, from 9 a.m. to noon. Register to attend.