Illustration showing data points to represent data visualization

Virtual open forum with the data governance committee

The Data Governance Committee at Case Western Reserve University invites all faculty and staff to a virtual open forum Oct. 15 at noon to hear more about the committee’s progress over the last year, receive an introduction to the data governance roles across the university, and provide feedback.

The Data Governance Committee will begin the first step of the data governance program implementation with the personnel roles and responsibilities. These individuals will play a crucial part of the accountability infrastructure as we focus on people, processes and technology together.  

“We will be documenting processes across the institution and mapping individuals who are responsible for giving access to university information in systems of record (data guardians), those who have intimate knowledge of the data and how it connects to business processes within that area/division (data stewards), and those who have intimate technical knowledge of database elements and data flows between systems (data rangers),” said Katie Reynolds, co-chair of the Data Governance Committee. “This will be the first step to our vision of automating data access requests and increasing the understanding of our university data through data literacy.” 

As a reminder the data governance program, when fully implemented, will:

  • Streamline access to data;
  • Improve compliance and accreditation reporting;
  • Increase the understanding of data through catalogs of business glossaries and business workflow documentation;
  • Reduce the risk of unintentional misuse of data and security vulnerabilities; and
  • Leverage data assets at critical times, such as during this pandemic, to make important decisions that could have financial impact.

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