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Vice-Provost David Fleshler examines changing perceptions among international students of higher education as a result of the pandemic

Global education sector urged to face pandemic challenges together

China Daily: David Fleshler, vice-provost for international affairs, weighed in on the potential challenges of reshaping perceptions of how international students view education in the United States amid the economic and financial challenges generated by the pandemic: “Social distancing, when the students get back on campus and remote learning. The broader implications of that are not only pedagogical but also financial,” said Fleshler. “There’s the whole question, in the short term, of whether international students will be able to come, what their experience will be and whether they will want to come. In the longer term, will there be a fundamental reexamination of higher education? … The residential campus will certainly continue, but because of what we are seeing through this COVID-19 process … the way that universities operate may be quite different in the classroom.”