VeloSano 5: Get Involved!

Spring is here, and it’s time to start building momentum for VeloSano 5, Bike to Cure! Remember, all of the funds raised through VeloSano support cancer research right here in Cleveland.

Getting involved is easy. Your help and support are appreciated:

  • Join Team Case CCC as a rider from the 12 to 200-mile level. Case CCC Director, Dr. Stan Gerson, will be on the 100-mile route, and looks forward to riding with you!
  • Raise funds as a virtual rider on Team Case CCC by signing up and supporting all of us!
  • Join as a volunteer to help before and during the ride to keep us on track, hydrated and cheered on!

Contact Team Captains Mary Wright ( or Caroline El Sanadi ( with any questions!

Learn more about VeloSano at