Businessman video conferencing with team
Businessman video conferencing with team on computer. Young man discussing project details with team via video call.

Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship launches new platform to connect students, faculty, alumni and community members

The Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship introduces StartupTree, the leading platform and the fastest-growing network for university entrepreneurship. Students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members are encouraged to create an account where they have the opportunity to discover, connect, and collaborate with co-founders, team members, and mentors on their entrepreneurial journey.

“For years we have heard that the entrepreneurship ecosystem is too confusing to navigate,” Michael Goldberg, executive director of the Veale Institute said. “StartupTree is enabling us to scale CWRU entrepreneurship so that we can streamline all entrepreneurship content, opportunities, data and connections onto one platform to make it easier for students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members to get interested in entrepreneurship and get support for their creative ideas!”

Through StartUpTree, members can do the following: 

  • Register for events;
  • Connect with mentors;
  • Apply for competitions;
  • Find funding support;
  • Get project and venture support;
  • Connect with other students interested in entrepreneurship; and
  • Get deals on different tech resources (GitHub, AWS and more).

On the platform now, users can sign up or apply for the following opportunities: 

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