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[U]Tech encourages use of DuoMobile app for Duo authentication

With the large shift of users to remote work, teaching and learning, the use of phone call-backs for Duo authentications has increased significantly the past two weeks. The university incurs charges for telephone call-back authentication.

The university aims to make the most cost-effective use of its resources. To that end, University Technology ([U]Tech) urges users to shift their use of phone call authentications to use of the DuoMobile app, a free application available in the iTunes or GooglePlay stores. When installed on a smartphone, the app offers more secure authentication and no telephone charges for the user or the university. Using DuoMobile is ideal for international users since no international telephone charges are incurred.  The DuoMobile app also is the method most resilient to phone number spoofing attacks.

Contact the Case Western Reserve University Help Desk for assistance in setting up DuoMobile on your smartphone, or check the [U]Tech Duo guidance online.