Use “Bookstore Bucks” to add textbook purchases to tuition bill

The Barnes and Noble University Bookstore in Uptown launched a “Bookstore Bucks” Program for fall semester, in which all registered undergraduate students can buy their textbooks and have the bill automatically included in their tuition bills.

Students may use “Bookstore Bucks” to purchase their textbooks and supplies at the Barnes and Noble University Bookstore. The program is designed to help with financial planning and budgeting for the costs of attending CWRU. The program is available for use until Saturday, Sept. 15. These charges will not appear on a student’s tuition bill until Sept. 22.

Students should tell the cashier at the Barnes and Noble University Bookstore that they are using “Bookstore Bucks” to buy their textbooks.

Visit the Case Western Reserve University Bookstore at 11451 Euclid Ave., or online at For more information, contact the bookstore at 216.368.2650 or email