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Updated programs available in Software Center

University Technology ([U]Tech) recently upgraded ChemOffice, ChemDraw, Matlab and Origin in the Software Center.

ChemOffice and ChemDraw

ChemOffice (Windows) and ChemDraw (Mac) Professional have been updated to version 16. Students, faculty and staff may download this upgraded version for free. These licenses will expire on June 28.

ChemDraw and ChemOffice 16 deliver all the functionality of version 15, in addition to new features to accelerate research faster. Plus, new bundle options pair the leading chemical drawing package with the chemically intelligent database, 3-D modeling and data analysis package, visualization tools and integrated ELN solutions.


[U]Tech upgraded Matlab for faculty and staff, as well as Matlab TSH for students, to version 2016b.

Benefits of the upgrade include:

  • New datatypes will work more easily with time-stamped data, strings and data too big to fit in memory.
  • Machine Learning—Upgrade will assist with big data algorithms, portable C code generation from models and parallel model training.
  • Simulink—“Just-in-time” builds for improved performance are available when running simulations in Accelerator mode.

Matlab 2016b is compatible with 64bit systems only. Matlab 2015b remains on the Software Center for university community members using a 32bit system. Matlab is available to all students, faculty and staff for free.


[U]Tech upgraded Origin to version 2017 on the Software Center. Highlights of Origin 2017 are:

  • Origin central dialog
  • Spreadsheet cell notation
  • Large plot menu icons
  • New annotation dialog
  • Multiple axis reference line and recession bars
  • Trellis plot
  • 3-D bars, stacked bars, 100 percent stacked bars
  • Box plot improvements
  • Hatch pattern
  • Programming: Support for HTML dialog with Java Script
  • LaTex app improvements

Origin 2017 is available for free for students, faculty and staff.

For assistance with any technology product or service at Case Western Reserve, visit or contact the [U]Tech Service Desk at 216.368.HELP (4357) or