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Update on moving folders in Box

The following message is for Box users who participated in the pilot program or implemented Box before Wednesday, Aug. 17.

After The Daily posted an article about Box last week, University Technology ([U]Tech) began receiving questions regarding the deletion of the old folder structure. While investigating these issues, it has come to [U]Tech’s attention that there were multiple communications sent to an incorrect distribution list.

To make sure that users have ample time to move to the new folder structure, the time to take action will be extended.

Below is the communication from last week, with the adjusted file migration time.

To finalize the implementation of Box at Case Western Reserve University, all previously provisioned personal and restricted folders (folders created during the pilot program and before Wednesday, Aug. 17) will be deleted on Thursday, Sept. 29.

Move all useful material located within these folders and subfolders by Wednesday, Sept. 28, at the latest.

Details about moving folders is available below:

  • If you are moving data that is not restricted, simply create a new folder and move it.
  • If you are moving data that is restricted, move it to the restricted folder(s) created by [U]Tech. Reminder: Only technicians at the [U]Tech Service Desk can create new restricted folders.

Note: The name for your “personal” folder is your network ID and the name for your restricted folder is “restricted – your network ID.”

Any folders that were provisioned outside the “personal” and “restricted” format will not be deleted.

Box training can be self-administered. By visiting, you will have access to detailed, online resources, information about different file management and storage options, and comprehensive videos.