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Unlimited CWRU Google storage will end July 2024—100 GB cap per user will begin Nov. 2

As announced in The Daily earlier this year, Google will end unlimited Google Workspace (Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos) storage for Case Western Reserve users starting July 2024—a change that requires the university to reduce its storage in those platforms by roughly 75%. When University Technology ([U]Tech) announced this change, they asked members of the CWRU community to reduce their storage as much as possible.

Unfortunately, it has become evident to [U]Tech staff that voluntary storage reductions will not be enough to comply with the upcoming limitations. As a result, [U]Tech will apply a 100 GB cap per user for Google Workspace beginning Wednesday, Nov. 2. Individuals who are using more than 100 GB will be temporarily given a cap above their current storage in Gmail, Google My Drive and Photos so their work is not impacted (files in Shared Drives are not counted against these caps, but will have limits set at a later date). Accounts that subsequently exceed the initial cap that has been applied will have access to all Google services and retain all of their data. However, they will be blocked from uploading more documents to Google Drive and any documents they have shared with others will become read-only until their storage falls below 100 GB.

On June 30, 2023, the 100 GB maximum will be applied to all accounts; therefore, it is critical for everyone to be under that limit by that date. Find out how much CWRU Google cloud storage you are using in Google and how to migrate or download your data.

In accordance with the university’s acceptable use policy, members of the CWRU community are to use “technology resources in connection with the university’s core teaching, research and service missions.” If you are storing significant amounts of non-institutional data—such as personal data or data for another institution—within Google Workspace, please move it to a non-CWRU storage provider, such as a personal storage service or a local hard drive or flash drive. If you need alternatives for CWRU-related storage, find out about other options or contact the [U]Tech Service Desk to schedule a storage consultation.

For assistance with any technology product or service at Case Western Reserve University, contact the [U]Tech Service Desk at or 216.368.HELP (4357) or visit