University responds to campus community’s Bright Ideas

Members of the Case Western Reserve University community have offered more than 100 Bright Ideas since the university launched its online suggestion box last month. From composting to co-ops, energy-saving measures to equipment updates, the responses show that people at Case Western Reserve really do “think beyond the possible.”

University leaders created Bright Ideas to capture insights from across the campus regarding ways to make Case Western Reserve a more efficient, innovative and effective institution. So far faculty, staff, students and alumni have submitted more than 100 suggestions, many of them quite elaborate and comprehensive.

“We are pleased to see such a large number of thoughtful responses from our community,” President Barbara R. Snyder said, “and look forward to seeing even more in the weeks and months to come.”

Bright Ideas from students total 46 percent of the responses so far, while suggestions from staff account for 39 percent of the total. Faculty submissions represent 10 percent, while ideas from those classifying themselves as “other” round out the mix.

In terms of category, submissions regarding university services are 31 percent of the total, while sustainability is a close second at 30 percent.

To encourage members of the community to take the time to share their ideas, the university is offering several rounds prizes for the best ideas submitted within different time frames. Watch The Daily later this week for announcements of first-round winners and their prizes.

Meanwhile, leaders of university departments and offices have worked with their teams to develop responses to many of the suggestions. We have posted the submissions and responses to date here.

The university will post additional responses as administrators complete their assessments of the feasibility of implementing the suggestions. In some instances, an idea might be outstanding but cost-prohibitive. In others, staff already may be developing a solution and will have a more detailed response shortly. The university will regularly announce the posting of new responses in The Daily.

“We know that our community is full of engaged and creative individuals eager to make Case Western Reserve a better place,” Chief Financial Officer John Sideras said. “We are grateful to everyone who has participated to date, and encourage others to join the effort.”

Bright Ideas is an ongoing initiative, as are the regular rewards for top recommendations. You can submit new suggestions at