CWRU students walking across the quad

University community gives advice to first-year students

In response to this week’s Connect question, the campus community sent in a plethora of good advice for the first-year students.

Some common themes emerged, such as using an effective method to plan time, making the most of their years on campus and remembering to take care of their mental health.

Among our favorite responses were:

  • “It’s OK to change your major. You have four years to figure out what you’re passionate about, so take some time to reach outside your comfort zone.”
  • “Come in with a plan and stick to it. If you use a planner, use it. If you have a calendar, keep it up to date. If you aren’t in the habit of using your time intentionally, start looking for an answer. Your time at CWRU will be filled with opportunities, challenges, and surprise twists and turns. Be prepared and make the most of it so you can study when you need to study and play when you want to play. Check out Getting Things Done by David Allen for a system to get you started.”
  • “Take a lot of different classes on wildly different subjects. Explore. Take intellectual risks. After college, you will be doing one thing for the rest of your professional life.”
  • “Your grades matter, but not as much as you. Don’t sweat getting a ‘B’ in that impossible calculus course—take care of yourself first. In five years you’ll barely remember that ‘B’ because your time at CWRU will be filled with friendship, laughter and unforgettable memories.”
  • “Have fun, but don’t forget why you go to college: To get an education, to elevate yourself intellectually, to rise to that next level as a critical thinker and a participate in society. College isn’t just ‘another step’ before grad school. It isn’t vocational school designed only to get you a job. It’s about laying the intellectual groundwork for yourself as an adult.”

We are excited to welcome all of our students—new and returning—to campus; move-in begins this weekend.