Undergraduate wins Research Choice Award at biomedical engineering conference

Jacob Antunes, a biomedical engineering undergraduate student, was awarded the “Reviewer’s Choice Award” from the Biomedical Engineering Society conference for his poster, titled “Identifying PET/MRI Parameters for Early Treatment Response in Renal Cell Carcinoma.”

Co-authors on the poster include Satish Viswanath, Mirabela Rusu, Andrew Sher, Christopher Hoimes, Norbert Avril and Anant Madabhushi. Antunes, a junior, is mentored by Madabhushi, professor of biomedical engineering and director of the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics, and Viswanath, research assistant professor.

Of all abstracts to the conference—approximately 1,600 poster presentations and 900 oral presentations—only 5 percent received this award.

Antunes also was awarded a $200 scholarship for involvement in a Professional Integrity Workshop focused on ethics of authorship, and a $425 travel stipend from Case Western Reserve’s Biomedical Engineering Society Executive Board.