Undergraduate students publish translation of French novel

Cover of "Afropean"Students in the spring semester 2014 Translation Techniques course recently published a translation of the novel C’est demain qu’on s’fait la malle by French/Gabonese author Alice Endamne. The English title of the work is Afropean.

The following undergraduate students were involved in the translation:

  • Victoria Bouillon
  • Katherine Kleinberg
  • Abigail Dessart
  • Emily Bentley
  • Sasha Belotserkovskaya
  • Michael Siberski
  • Emily Schnittman
  • Melanie Tano
  • Annabelle Davey
  • Iris Petschek
  • Katherine Brandt
  • Cynthia Alvarez

The students worked with Cheryl Toman, associate professor of French, and Endamne in spring semester 2014. During the course, students observed the entire process involved with publishing a book.

Afropean, a novel set in 1990s France, addresses the subject of immigration and racism through the main characters of an Afropean family living in the south of France.