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UCITE: “Supporting Transgender Students”

Due to the increasing visibility of transgender people, there are major conversations nationwide about access, parity and inclusion that are being brought to both the political and social forefronts.

In May 2016, the Departments of Education and Justice released their “Dear Colleague Letter on Transgender Students,” which clarified guidance to educational institutions regarding transgender students and Title IX.

The university has been given guidelines in terms of governmental standards and laws, but some may have questions about how to best support students and promote a productive academic culture at Case Western Reserve University.

At the next University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education session, Liz Roccoforte, director of the LGBT Center, will discuss the wide variety of transgender identities, as well as appropriate, sensitive and inclusive strategies for classroom interaction and support in an educational environment.

This session will be held today (March 30) from noon to 1 p.m. in the Allen Memorial Medical Library’s Herrick Room (use Adelbert Road doors).

Pizza and sodas will be provided.