UCITE session Sept. 1: Getting to Know Your Students

In the next discussion session, to be held Sept. 1, UCITE tackles the issue of getting to know students personally.

Apart from the technical issue of how best to do it, especially in larger classes, there are tricky issues that need to be navigated: how to cultivate a cordial relationship without losing professionalism, what kinds of measures are appropriate in getting to know students and what are not, and understanding the culture of your department and school on this issue. Some have a history of informality while others are less so. And of course there are the inevitable gender and ethnic dynamics. All these things have to be factored in when trying to establish the correct relationship between faculty and student.

Join us for this discussion on Thursday, Sept. 1, from noon to 1 p.m. in the Herrick Room, located on the ground floor of the Allen Memorial Library Building. The revolving doors on the Euclid Avenue side will be closed this week, so the building entrance is on the Adelbert Road side.

Pizza lunch and sodas will be provided at this session. RSVP to ucite@case.edu.