Student points at equation written on "Spitball" sculpture as instructor looks on

UCITE session: “Flipped Classrooms”

The “flipped classroom” has become a popular technique in education. The technique takes what is typically done in the actual classroom (listening to a lecture) and asking students to do this outside of class time (using pre-recorded lectures or similar resources). Then, what is typically done outside of class (working on homework, discussing course material with other students, having discussions with the professor) is instead completed during class time.

At the next University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education, Rebecca Benard, a biology instructor, will discuss how the flipped classroom model can be used to promote student engagement and increase student learning.

This session will be held Thursday, Nov. 17, from noon to 1 p.m. in the Allen Memorial Medical Library’s Herrick Room (use Adelbert Road doors).

Pizza and sodas will be provided at this session.