Photo of Spartie sitting on a bench near Kelvin Smith Library

Two students selected as winners in Spartie Fan Art Contest

Two students were named winners in the Spartie Fan Art Contest, which was offered by the Office of Student Activities & Leadership to commemorate the launch of a new Instagram account for Spartie.

Joel Fuentes, a fourth-year student in the integrated studies program in bioethics, was named a winner for a continuous line drawing of Spartie. 

“It always brings a smile to my face whenever I see Spartie around campus, so I thought to myself: ‘Hey, why not bring the Spartan Spirit home with me by creating my own artistic interpretation of Spartie?'” said Fuentes.

Daniel Lee, a second-year student in biology and president of the CWRU Cooking Club, was selected for a “chef Spartie” illustration.

“I entered the contest because I thought it would be fun to try and draw our mascot and combine him with something I’m passionate about,” Lee said. “I also thought it’d be interesting to see Spartie wearing something other than his usual Spartan warrior outfit.”

Check out the Instagram post with the winners’ creations.