Two School of Medicine faculty receive CTSC Core Utilization Awards

The Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative awarded two faculty members with CTSC Core Utilization Awards in July.

Monica Montano, associate professor of pharmacology, was granted an award for her proposal, “Role of HEXIM1 in the protection against ischemic stress.” Priyadarshini Senanayake, assistant professor of ophthalmology who also has an appointment with Cleveland Clinic, earned an award for “Angiotensin (1-7) a specific therapeutic target for the treatment of retinal diabetic pathology.”

The CTSC Core Utilization Pilot Program supports investigator use of and familiarity with CTSC Core operations and personnel, in anticipation of applications for external funding using CTSC resources. Ideal uses may be to run tests on samples already collected; build cross-disciplinary collaborative programs; or develop enabling technologies, new therapeutic, diagnostic or outcomes and more.

The CTSC Core Utilization Pilot Grant has a rolling submission format. Applications are accepted year-round and submissions are reviewed monthly.