Two art history students present at Medieval Animals Heritage Conference

Over the summer, two representatives from the Department of Art History and Art traveled to a conference in Canterbury, England.

Photo of graduate students Laura Rybicki and Cecily Hughes
Graduate students Laura Rybicki and Cecily Hughes

Laura Rybicki, an MA student, and Cecily Hughes, a PhD student, presented at the Medieval Animals Heritage Conference, which centered on the theme of “Skin and Bone, Wood and Stone” this year.

Using funding from the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities, Rybicki presented “Skinning the Saint: Saint Bartholomew’s Flayed Body and the Medieval Book.” Hughes, who was funded by a 2023 Student Research Grant from the International Center of Medieval Art (ICMA), presented a paper titled “Dragons, Diminished: A 12th-century Christian Object and a Pagan Past.”