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“Turning Points in Life and History: Perspectives from Autobiography”

Simone de Beauvoir is best known for The Second Sex, but also published a four-part memoir that stands as a chronicle of post-war French intellectual culture. The Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities will host a talk with Laura Hengehold, professor in the Department of Philosophy, examining Beauvoir’s changing attitudes toward history as represented in the autobiographies, as well as in The Second Sex and her final major work, The Coming of Age.

Hengehold will consider ways that autobiography has been a significant factor in feminist cultural activity and evaluates Beauvoir’s own self-criticism of The Second Sex for being excessively concerned with women’s consciousness rather than with their material circumstances.

The talk, titled “Turning Points in Life and History: Perspectives from Autobiography,” will be held Thursday, Oct. 21, at noon. A boxed lunch will be provided. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, it can not be eaten in the lecture space.

Prior registration is requested.

This lecture also will be livestreamed; tune into the livestream.