Try out new video-streaming service offered by Kelvin Smith Library

Kelvin Smith Library now offers Kanopy, a video-streaming service featuring educational and documentary films for faculty to use in classes, students to use in activities and researchers to use in support of their work. The films, which cover a variety of topics, can be embedded into Blackboard courses, shown in classes or watched at home.

Some important features include:

  • Available on the campus wired network, through Case Wireless network or by VPN
  • Creation of playlists of clips to show snippets or start films at an exact time location
  • Linked supplemental resources
  • Some films include close caption or transcripts
  • Display rights are included for free events (rights can be requested for events that charge a fee)

Kanopy also will investigate other films to add and the library can forward those requests to users. To access Kanopy, visit