Trivia answer revealed: How many times have Spartan basketballers earned All-American honors?

As we get into the thick of March Madness, we posed a question to the Case Western Reserve University community: How many times have Spartan basketball players earned Academic All-American status? The answer: 10—although there actually were just five players who combined for the 10 honors.

One player—who just finished her senior basketball season—racked up three of those honors: women’s basketball’s Erin Hollinger (second team, 2010; second team, 2011; first team, 2012).

The others are:

  • Harvey Clough (men’s basketball, second team, 1974)
  • David Grendel (men’s basketball, third team, 1977)
  • Jim Fox (men’s basketball, third team, 1995; first team, 1996; first team, 1997)
  • Eric Duerr (men’s basketball, second team, 2010; third team, 2011)

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