“Train” like a marathoner in May with 121 Fitness challenge

121 Fitness Center is challenging you to “train” like a marathoner this May. In honor of the Cleveland Marathon, we’re asking you to walk or run the distances of the races. Pick from the 10k race (6.2 miles), half marathon race (13.1 miles), and full marathon race (26.2 miles). Once you pick your distance, you’ll need to walk or run those miles as planned exercise over the course of the week. So, if you pick the half marathon, you’ll need to walk or run 13.1 miles every week, for 3 weeks. Here’s the challenge: you can only walk or run the miles as planned exercise! Walking around the grocery store won’t count, and neither will walking to your car after work. The challenge begins May 1st, and will end the day of the Cleveland Marathon (May 21st).

Register online.