Touring Cleveland’s Coffee: Duck Rabbit Coffee

Fall in Cleveland has arrived—and with it comes vibrant foliage, pumpkin-flavored everything and crisp weather. One way to stay warm and cozy is to treat yourself to a cup of joe—and here in Cleveland, there are plenty of places to satisfy your caffeine cravings. On Mondays in October, we’ll take you on a tour of some local coffee favorites.

A woman holding a cup of coffee.

Our third stop on the Cleveland coffee tour takes us to Ohio City’s Duck Rabbit Coffee. Nestled inside an industrial, brick-lined building, Duck Rabbit was founded in 2016 in the historic Duck Island area of Cleveland, and later moved to its current location on Lorain Ave.

The cafe serves up all of the time-honored classics—espresso and its variations (cortados, macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas), as well as cold brew and iced aeropress. Here, you’ll also find hot chocolate and several hot or iced tea options—black, green or herbal—along with matcha lattes. 

If you’re an admirer of rich coffee not masked by sugary syrups, Duck Rabbit is for you: No syrup add-ins are offered. They want their customers to enjoy a clean cup of coffee without distraction—clearly seeing, experiencing, and enjoying what makes the coffee unique. Duck Rabbit prides itself on curating some of the world’s best, most interesting, exotic, rare and hard to reach coffees; they source coffee beans from places such as Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Rwanda, and Colombia. 

And, if you’re hungry, Duck Rabbit offers pastries; jam, smoked salmon, or avocado on toast; granola with yogurt, apples, blueberries, gooseberries and raspberry dusting; and swiss oatmeal—oats and currants soaked in milk with chia pudding, yogurt, apples, blueberries, figs, seeds, nuts and a honey drizzle. 

Can’t make it to the shop? Don’t fret—you can give their roasts a taste from the comfort of your own home with a bi-weekly or monthly coffee subscription.

Want to try Duck Rabbit for yourself? Their location in Ohio City is just an 18-minute drive from campus. Alternatively, you can plan your own trip using Cleveland’s public transportation. Make sure to give Duck Rabbit a follow on Instagram to keep up with new offerings.