Photo from behind of three people at distanced polling booths

To vote in Ohio’s Aug. 8 election, register by this coming Monday

Proposed constitutional amendment is on the ballot as Issue 1

The Center for Civic Engagement and Learning (CCEL) reminds the campus community that the deadline to register to vote in Ohio’s upcoming special election is less than a week away.

Those who want to vote on Issue 1—a proposed constitutional amendment increasing the requirements to change Ohio’s constitution through ballot initiatives—must complete registration no later than Monday, July 10. 

Today citizens who want to put a constitutional amendment on Ohio’s ballot must secure signatures from at least 5% of the voters in the previous gubernatorial election in half of the state’s counties. Once on the ballot, that measure must secure approval of a simple majority of those voting (e.g., 50% plus 1).

If voters approve Issue 1, the signature requirement would apply to all 88 of the state’s counties, while 60% of those voting would have to approve a proposed amendment for it to go into effect.

The full text of the measure can be found on this page of the Ohio Secretary of State website. CCEL has posted information on its website regarding voter eligibility, registration, and participation in vote by mail.