Thirteen students honored at Intersections: SOURCE Symposium & Poster Session

The Intersections: SOURCE Symposium & Poster Session was held April 20, with students taking part in a poster and oral competition. The following students were recognized during the competition.

Arts & Humanities

  • Poster Competition–First: Erik Williams, Passing Through; Faculty Mentor: Sally Levine, art studio
  • Oral Competition–First: Emily Sparks, Why Wind? A Comparison of Germany, the U.S. and China; Faculty Mentor: Jessica Green, political science

Natural Sciences

  • Poster Competition–First (Tie): Peter Lee, Genetic Factors in the Progression of Alcoholic Liver Disease; Faculty Mentor: Colleen Croniger, nutrition
  • First (Tie): Wayne Tse, Synthesis of a Clickable Probe for Electrophiles Formed in Sterol Biosynthesis; Faculty Sponsor: Michael Kenney, chemistry
  • Second: Jessica Hwang, Amylin Treatment Regulates Neuronal Signaling Associated with Synaptic Plasticity; Faculty Mentor: Gemma Casadesus, neurosciences
  • Oral Competition–First: James Maloy, Design and Development of a Split Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein-based Yeast Two Hybrid (Y2H) System; Faculty Mentor: Michael Weiss, biochemistry

Social Sciences

  • Poster Competition–First (Tie): Scott Tillem, The Social Brain: An ALE Based MetaAnalysis of Social Cognition in the Brain; Faculty Mentor: Anthony Jack, cognitive science
  • First (Tie): Sarah Lukowski, The Etiology of Spatial Visualization and its Relationship with Math Achievement; Faculty Mentor: Lee Thompson, psychology
  • Second (Tie): Amanda Brown, Imagery and Expertise: The Use of Visualization in Fencing; Faculty Mentor: Kensy Cooperrider, cognitive science.
  • Second (Tie): Meral Tubi, Exploring the Function of the Inferior Pre-Central Gyrus; Faculty Mentor: Anthony Jack, cognitive science


  • Poster Competition–First: Ross Widenor, The Role of Material Strain in Triboelectric Charging and Charge Transfer; Faculty mentors: Daniel Lacks and Mohan Sankaran, chemical engineering
  • Second: Edward Kreinar, High- and Low-Level Autonomy for Complete Coverage Robotic Path Planning; Faculty Mentor: Roger Quinn, mechanical engineering
  • Oral Competition–First: Daniel Hageman, Mechanisms Causing Neuronal Dieback Associated with Cortical Implants; Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Capadona, biomedical engineering.