The Daily Editorial Guidelines

The Daily is Case Western Reserve University’s internal communications outlet, distributed every weekday as an e-newsletter to all faculty, staff and students, and now also a news website filled with up-to-date university-related announcements.

Below, find specific guidelines for each section of the website and the newsletter. Please note: Not all submissions will appear in The Daily. Inclusion is at the editor’s discretion.

The audience of The Daily is first and foremost an internal audience. As such, it is also a broad audience, reaching faculty, staff and students across all departments and schools. Therefore, items included in The Daily must be applicable to a majority of the campus.

If your item does not relate to a majority of the campus, there are multiple other outlets through which your message can better reach your target audience. For assistance, contact your school or college’s communications office, seek departmental resources or post your event to the Community Postings Board.

Submission Form

The Daily now offers a submission form for ease of use. When submitting, be sure to include all required information, including contact name, email and phone number and the full text of your event or announcement.

Please note: PDFs, PowerPoint files and other documents will not be accepted as announcements. The information must appear as text within the submission form. Corresponding artwork will be accepted but must not be the only information provided.


The following are guidelines for feature stories, which will be top articles with graphic elements:

  • Direct connection to the university
  • Broad appeal across the entire university community—faculty, staff and students
  • Strong news peg
  • Major faculty, staff or student awards and recognition, such as Fulbright Scholars, Guggenheim Fellows or National Academy of Sciences Members
  • University gifts of $1 million or more
  • Public funding grants of $500,000 or more
  • Endowed scholarships
  • Pre-coverage of UPE-organized events open to the public
  • Submitted 10 business days prior to preferred run date
  • Related to current faculty, staff or students (not alumni or emeriti faculty)

Brief headlines and events that appear in The Daily e-newsletter will be the timeliest, most broad-based messages of that day. Announcements will run in the e-newsletter only once but will remain on the website. Please see website guidelines for more information.


General Guidelines

  • Items must be related to current faculty, staff or student news.
  • Announcements must be directly related to the university.
  • Items cannot be advertisements for products, services or clinical trials.
  • Submissions must be received at least five business days in advance of preferred run date; more advance notice is requested.


The feature story and corresponding graphic will be changed at least once daily, in conjunction with the feature in the newsletter. It can be updated multiple times throughout the day as necessary.

Recent features will appear as scrolling headlines across the right-hand side of the page.



These items must have broad university appeal and are not specific to one audience (not just for students or staff).


These headlines will be news items related to a large group of faculty/staff, from event notices (taking place on campus or sponsored by the university) to general news.


These headlines will be news items related to a large group of students, from event notices (taking place on campus or sponsored by the university) to general news.

Featured Event

This section will highlight one to two events that are open and relevant to the entire university community.

Event Calendar

Individuals are encouraged to submit events for the Events Calendar. To submit your event for consideration, use the submission form or:

  1. Create a complete, but brief, description of your event.
  2. Add your event(s) to your department, school and/or college calendar.
  3. Send the link to the completed, individual event posting you have just created to

Because a great number of events are submitted, not all submissions will be accepted. Submissions not following the above guidelines will not be processed.

The following are requirements for inclusion as an event notice:

  • Timely
  • Applicable to a wide audience of students, faculty or staff (not just targeted to one school or department)
  • Open to the university community (not private events)
  • Appropriate to be dispersed to the entire community
  • Submitted five business days prior to event date

Additionally, to engage the university community with the Cleveland area, some local/regional events will be included. These events are at the editor’s discretion.


This section displays the Twitter feed from the Athletics Department website. For any questions, contact Jonathan Schwartz, sports information director.


Faculty/student research and information from outlets such as Think, Medicus and other Case Western Reserve University publications, including press releases, will be included here. Individuals interested in showcasing their new research should email with details.

Community Postings

Does your event or announcement not fit the above guidelines? Post it to the community page.

These items must be university-related and appropriate for the university audience (e.g., no advertisements, spam, profanity, defamatory language or events featuring alcohol). These items are subject to approval by the editor. Individuals not operating in an official capacity with the university cannot post to the community page.

Media Coverage

This section will include recent media mentions of Case Western Reserve University faculty, students, staff or the university in general. If you have been quoted in the news lately, email with information.


These items highlight awards given to faculty, students and staff across all areas. Submit your items through the submission form.


This section includes internal appointments at the director level and above as well as external appointments related to a faculty or staff member’s professional work.

Publications & Presentations

Faculty, staff and students’ presentations at conferences and publications in journals, magazines or other outlets are included here. Presentations and publications should pertain to the individual’s professional or academic role within the university.

Published work and presentations are the views of the individuals and do not represent the views of the university.

Featured Twitter

This section rotates to showcase the Twitter accounts of faculty, staff, students, organizations, media and more. Tweets may not include offensive material. To have your Twitter account considered, email


A new way to interact with the university community, items in Connect can be videos, games, interviews, polls or a variety of other engaging tools. If you have ideas for the Connect section, email

Miscellaneous Announcements

Obituaries of current faculty, students and staff will be considered for inclusion in The Daily, to be included under one of the Campuswide, Faculty/Staff or Students headers.


The Daily encourages reader participation, and comments of any viewpoint are welcome. However, comments using language that is obscene, threatening, abusive, inflammatory or illegal in any manner will not be approved for posting. Solicitation and advertisements also will not be approved. Please be respectful of others’ views and opinions. Additionally, posts without a valid email address provided will not be published.

Questions? Email