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The Alumni Association awards 2020 graduate with Ohio Collegiate Plate Program scholarship

Recognized by her commitment to the university and her studies in international studies and marketing, 2020 graduate Tobili Hatcher has been named this year’s recipient of the Ohio Collegiate Plate Program scholarship, sponsored by The Alumni Association of Case Western Reserve University.

Driven by her passion for East Asian and Korean cultures, Tobili joined the Korean Student Association (KSA) as a first-year student and held the executive position of the public relationship and communications chair for two years. Her experience with KSA inspired her to declare majors in international studies and marketing as she was intrigued by the Korean economy and business models.

During her junior year, Tobili joined an exchange program with CWRU that allowed her to study abroad in Seoul, South Korea, at Yonsei University. She explained that this program “opened a lot of different doors to me both professionally and personally, as I was able to explore other future job opportunities in various different fields.”

In her last semester at CWRU, Tobili wrote for The Observer. One of her fondest memories was when she interviewed medical and nursing students at CWRU: “I was able to tell their stories about how the current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting and shaping their lives as health care professionals, and what being on the front lines means to them during a global health crisis.”

While Tobili will begin her MBA program at Cleveland State University this fall, she is already looking ahead. “Writing for the arts and entertainment section for The Observer and my own personal interest in fashion merchandising has led me to want to work for a global brand that focuses on the arts, hopefully one that specializes in fashion and music. The arts are often seen as a universal language, and it is one that I hold dear to myself, as I’ve always been able to connect with various people from different backgrounds due to having a diverse interest in both fashion and music,” she said.

The scholarship’s monetary value is based on the number of CWRU license plates purchased during the academic year.

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