Take Spanish courses geared toward your career goals this summer

SPAN (Spanish) 101H: Spanish for Health Care

Monday to Friday from 1:00 Pm -3:30 Pm. May 13th to May 31st.

This course is an introductory language course teaching the basic covered in SPAN 101 with a particular emphasis on health care topics and vocabulary. Students will gain familiarity with basic vocabulary and basic grammatical structures for communication with and assessment of Spanish speaking patients in a variety of settings. No previous experience with the Spanish language is required. After successfully completing this course students will be eligible to continue to SPAN 102.

Contact information: eif@cwru.edu

SPAN (Spanish) 312: Business Spanish

Tue, Thu and Fri from 6:00 Pm to 8:55 Pm6/3/2024-7/1/2024.

Spanish for business is an upper-level language and culture course which is designed for students at the advanced intermediate level. The course stresses the vocabulary and expressions used to describe economic and commercial structure, the language to solve problems and conduct negotiations, and the culture of specific aspects of the Spanish world of business. Students will continue being exposed to listening, speaking, reading and writing through a variety of activities.

Contact information: eif@cwru.edu