Parking ticket machine with "P" parking symbol in focus and car off to the side

Take precautions to protect belongings, after series of vehicle break-ins reported

A series of automobile break-ins were reported on East 116th Street over the weekend. Items taken from the vehicles were of minimal value, and in some cases, nothing was noted as missing. However, the vehicles sustained damage, and Case Western Reserve University police want the campus community to be aware.

Police will monitor the surrounding area closely. In addition, individuals are encouraged to take precautions—whether on or off campus:

  • Don’t leave valuables in your car; if you must, secure them in the trunk.
  • Always lock your doors and roll up your windows.
  • Park in well-lit areas, near other people if possible.

If your vehicle is damaged in a break-in, or you experience any other emergency, call 216.368.3333 to submit a report as soon as possible.