Take part in Undergraduate Student Moderator Skill Series this semester

Is a group you care about on campus polarized or divided? Are you interested in leading Dialogue Circles on topics related to equity, inclusion, belonging or identity? 

Join the Sustained Dialogue Institute for an Undergraduate Student Moderator Skill Series designed specifically for undergraduates at CWRU. Through this private workshop, participants will learn professional skills for applying the Sustained Dialogue model to bridge divides within student groups or across identities and backgrounds. 

After training, moderators will be asked to propose a dialogue-to-action group to co-moderate for other students in the CWRU community in the spring semester.

This workshop will meet virtually on Fridays from 1–2:30 p.m. EST, from Jan. 27 to April 21, (while skipping April 7). This is a synchronous, live series where interaction, attendance, and engagement is expected, camera is optional and no homework or pre-reading is required. 

Registration is required.

Why join this workshop?

Participants can join this workshop to learn about Sustained Dialogue, a dialogue process that helps diverse groups build relationships and move from talk to action on issues affecting their communities.

Many in the U.S. recognize the need to bridge divides and to build relationships across differences to tackle complex problems like coastal flooding. Yet, addressing these problems can often feel overwhelming. Sustained Dialogue is a method for solving problems in a less overwhelming way. Sustained Dialogue can help diverse groups find shared interests and identify achievable group actions to address challenges. Through dialogue, participants collectively develop effective solutions more quickly than any would on their own.

During this workshop with the Sustained Dialogue Institute, workshop participants will learn:

  • Skills for being in dialogue with others;
  • How to create conditions for dialogue; and
  • How to apply these skills to building relationships and addressing complex problems within their communities and on campus.

If you complete all sessions of the workshop series, you will be trained to co-facilitate a dialogue group for your campus using materials provided by the Sustained Dialogue Institute through this workshop.

Punctual attendance is mandatory to complete the workshop. Space is limited to 40 participants, so preference will be given to participants who are committed to attending all 10 sessions of the series. 

Questions? Contact Rhonda Fitzgerald of Sustained Dialogue at rhonda@sustaineddialogue.org