Take Japanese courses this summer

Here is your chance to learn elementary Japanese this summer from anywhere in the world! CWRU is offering synchronous Japanese I & II online courses this summer term. If you are interested in the Japanese language and culture, and want to have fun while you learn, why not take advantage of this great opportunity to immerse yourself in Japanese! With our intensive course and additional online communication practices with Japanese university students, you’ll learn a year worth of Japanese within two months!

Japanese 101 will start you off with basic grammar/expressions and Japanese writing systems; Japanese 102 builds on Japanese 101, expanding the vocabulary, grammar, daily expressions/conversations and writing. You’ll learn about the culture of Japan and how to deal with such seemingly foreign people. Together they will give you a leg up for next Fall so you can develop Japanese proficiency – give yourself and your career prospects some added value with Japanese.

Elementary Japanese I & II
Japanese 101
Date & Time: 6/5 – 7/11 (M, T, W & Th. 9:00am – 10:55am + Online Lab)
Place: Online
Instructor: Kosuke Ogaki
Contact: kosuke.ogaki@case.edu
Japanese 102
Date & Time: 7/12 – 8/9 (M, T, W & Th. 10:30am – 10:50pm + Online Lab)
Place: Online
Instructor: Yukie Miura
Contact: yukie.miura@case.edu

Looking forward to meeting you this summer!
Email one of the instructors if you have any questions.