Take free, confidential health risk appraisal by Dec. 15; enter to win iPads, gym memberships and more

The period for faculty and staff to complete free, confidential online health risk appraisals (HRAs) ends Dec. 15.

When taking the HRA, available online at www.case.edu/hra, participants will be asked questions about current health behaviors, such as smoking, drinking, diet, exercise and other factors that influence well-being.

After answering the questions, each participant can view a summary report that outlines positive aspects of his/her healthy lifestyle as well as areas for improvement. Research has shown that when individuals are healthier, they are more productive on the job, have more energy throughout the day and feel better about themselves. Armed with this personalized information from the HRA, CWRU employees will be able to more efficiently work toward improving their health in the new year.

All information provided and feedback is completely confidential*. University officials only will receive aggregated data to identify trends and opportunities involving the campus community. This aggregate data will help guide the development for the university’s new health and wellness initiative.

Participants will need to have recent health screening information ready, such as height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure and cholesterol numbers.

Individuals who complete an HRA have the opportunity to win prizes such as Visa gift cards, 1-2-1 Fitness Center memberships and iPads.

To take the free screening, visit www.case.edu/hra.

*This is an IRB-approved effort at the University of Michigan. The university’s data warehouse is maintained in a secure environment. All data is de-identified to further ensure confidentiality.