Sustained Dialogue workshops

Join Sustained Dialogue for two interactive workshops, co-sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Engagement. 

On Wednesday, April 10, in the Toepfer Room of Adelbert Hall, Rhonda Fitzgerald, executive of the Sustained Dialogue Institute, will present “How to Manage your Emotions to Have Better Conversations” and “Avoiding Burnout in EDI: Strategies for Setting Boundaries, Sustaining Energy and Practicing Self-Care.” 

The first session, which will take place from 9 to 9:50 a.m., will provide techniques for attendees to decrease stress in disagreements. Event participants will also: 

  • Connect with communities, family and connections with different views,
  • Recognize and express emotions in conflict, and 
  • Practice word-stems to get out of difficult conversations. 

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The second session, slated from 10 to 11:30 a.m., is an interactive workshop tailored for individuals who work in diversity, inclusion, belonging and justice roles at Case Western Reserve University. Those who attend this program will: 

  • Build awareness of ally and opponent archetypes in a time of pushback for practitioners,
  • Recognize factors that can contribute to burnout,
  • Share strategies for setting boundaries with some archetypes, and 
  • Build individualized action plans to increase joy.

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