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Support the community by making contributions through Charity Choice campaign

This holiday season, Case Western Reserve University faculty and staff members can help the Greater Cleveland community by making a donation through Charity Choice. The annual campaign runs through Dec. 15.

Individuals can designate funds to go to any independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit of their choice—meaning any gifts regularly made to charitable organizations, including churches, synagogues or mosques, can be made through the Charity Choice program.

Or, individuals can choose to contribute to one or more of the following agencies:

  • United Way of Greater Cleveland, the leading convener and funder of partnerships focused on solutions for the community’s health and human service priorities. United Way makes a difference in the lives of 450,000 people throughout Greater Cleveland.
  • Greater Cleveland Community Shares, which aims to address the root causes of social problems facing our neighborhoods, community and region. Member organizations provide education, promote health care, protect children and women, advance home ownership, provide job training and employment, build neighborhoods and work to end discrimination.
  • EarthShare Ohio (ESO), a federation working to raise donations for local, regional and national nonprofit conservation and environmental organizations. ESO beneficiary organizations provide vital services in the areas of environmental education, pollution prevention, recreation and trails, natural resources conservation, and more.

Because of the needs in the community, campaign co-chairs School of Dental Medicine Dean Kenneth Chance and Vice President for Student Affairs Lou Stark hope to top last year’s donations of $183,313, as well as increase the participation number from 526 to 600.

“The Charity Choice campaign provides a tremendous opportunity for our employees to give back to our community and support organizations that make important contributions to the area,” Stark said.

Donations can be made via a one-time payment or through payroll deductions throughout the year.

For more information, go to the Charity Choice website at Or visit the websites of the partners: Community Shares, EarthShare Ohio and United Way of Greater Cleveland.

To sign up for Charity Choice, visit and click on the “donate” link for instructions and forms.