Summer program to get students started on earning an Early Intervention Services Certificate

The Department of Psychological Sciences at Case Western Reserve University will offer a fully funded summer program for individuals with a BA or current graduate students who are interested in learning more about working with young children. Taking these courses will bring students halfway to eligibility for an Early Intervention Services Certificate (Developmental Specialist) both through the university and the Ohio Board of Developmental Disabilities.

The summer coursework will be:

  • PSCL 433: Early Intervention Child Psychology (May 13–23)
  • PSCL 435: Early Intervention II: Evidence Based Practice (June 4–27)
  • COSI 600: Medical & Behavioral Aspects of Disabilities Seminar (June 4–27)
  • PSCL COSI 431: EIRSTP Practicum in Developmental Disabilities (June 4–27)
  • COSI 432/PSCL 432C: EI Practicum: Medical Placement (0 credits) (July 1–30)

Interested applicants should send a statement of interest and a resume to Elizabeth Short at and cc Rita Obeid at