Submit your naming suggestions for new SRV residence halls

Members of the Case Western Reserve University community are invited to share naming suggestions for the two new residence halls in the South Residential Village, which are expected to open in fall 2024. Complete this form by 5 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 15, to share your suggestion. 

Suggestions should follow the university’s practice of naming residence halls after individuals who have a strong connection to CWRU. For example:

  • Staley House, located in the South Residential Village, is named for Cady Staley, the first president of the Case School of Applied Science. Staley began his career as a wagon train driver and prospector before becoming a civil engineer for the Central Pacific Railroad. Though he was a man of science, Staley also encouraged an appreciation for the humanities.
  • The first-year residence hall Cutter House is named for Annie Spencer Cutter (1877-1955), a graduate of the College for Women (later Flora Stone Mather College and Case Western Reserve University). Cutter was a teacher and librarian, known for extending Cleveland Public Library services to junior and senior high schools throughout the city. She also served as assistant professor of library science at Western Reserve University from 1920 to 1943. 
  • The Stephanie Tubbs Jones Residence Hall is named for the late double alumna Stephanie Tubbs Jones (FSM ’71, LAW ’74), who, as a student, founded the university’s Afro-American Society (now the African American Society) and was an active member of the Black Students Law Association. Tubbs Jones went on to become the first Black woman to become a common pleas court judge in Ohio, the first Black woman in Ohio to become a county prosecutor, and the first Black woman elected to represent Ohio in Congress.

The university has convened a committee to consider naming suggestions for the two new residence halls. The committee includes the following CWRU community members: 

  • Kathy Barrie, director of the Putnam Collection;
  • Katie Brancato, vice president, chief of staff and strategic advisor to the president;
  • Lisa Camp, chief of staff and vice provost for strategic initiatives in the Office of the Provost;
  • Fred DiSanto, chair of the CWRU Board of Trustees;
  • Eric W. Kaler, president;
  • Dean Tufts, vice president for campus planning and facilities management;
  • Patrick Wang, president of the Residence Hall Association;
  • Joy K. Ward, provost and executive vice president;
  • Peter Whiting, interim vice president for student affairs; and
  • Basil Yaseen, president of the Undergraduate Student Government.

The committee is expected to select the names for the residence halls in late February. Read more about the history of the names behind CWRU’s residence halls.