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Submit proposals for round two of CWRU Technology and Validation Start-Up Fund Program

The Case Western Reserve University Technology and Validation Start-Up Fund Program (CTP), awarded by the Ohio Third Frontier and managed through the CWRU Technology Transfer Office, aims to accelerate and fund the translation of promising technologies into the marketplace through Ohio-based companies, with the eventual goal of creating greater economic growth. The $500,000 fund will help faculty researchers advance and commercialize their innovations. Three rounds of funding are expected in 2017.

The CTP is intended to be the final bridge between a translational research project and a viable commercial program. Funding will support technologies that require validation/proof that will directly impact and enhance commercial viability and the ability to support a start-up company.

The CTP recently announced its second request for proposals. The deadline for the pre-proposal for CTP round two is April 24, at 5 p.m.

For full submission guidelines, visit research.case.edu/limitedsubmissions/tvsf2017.cfm.

The two CTP award recipients for round one are:

Nicole F. Steinmetz, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Plant virus-like particle (VLP)-based cancer immunotherapy

The technology: Plant virus-like particles introduced directly into the tumor microenvironment after tumors are established act as an in situ vaccine and induce a potent, sustained and specific anti-tumor response.

Susann Brady-Kalnay, Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology

A Novel Molecular Imaging Agent for Surgical Resection of Invasive Brain Tumors

The technology: A highly specific fluorescent biomarker used to identify glioblastoma cells not only of the primary tumor but also for diffuse secondary tumors in real-time for surgical resection.