Submit Nord Grant proposals by Nov. 1

Thanks to a bequest from family members of the late Evan Nord, Center for Innovation in Technology and Education (UCITE) will offer Nord Grants to faculty.

Nord Grants are awarded to faculty who seek to directly benefit student learning or indirectly benefit them through faculty development. Some potential uses include:

  • Attending a conference
  • Inviting speakers to attend visit the university
  • As seed money for external funds
  • For ambitious large-scale projects

There are no financial parameters for the awards, but justification must be given for expenses. In the past, grants have been given for as much as $7,000. Priority is given to faculty without previous grants.

The next round of grants will begin Jan. 1, with proposals due Sunday, Nov. 1.

The grants are available for a wide range of activities. Applications for awards should be in the form of a PDF document (two pages long at most), in addition to an extra page for a budget that includes a descriptive justification of the items.

The application letter should be co-signed by the department chair (or an associate dean in those schools that do not have a department structure). More ambitious projects may be required to provide more details.

For more details on the grants, who can apply, deadlines, what the applications should contain and the application process itself, visit see the UCITE website at