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Submit 2020 Open Enrollment dependent verification requirements

Employees planning to add dependents to their benefits for the 2020 calendar year who are not covered under the employee’s 2019 benefits plan, must provide appropriate dependent verification to Benefits Administration prior to making their elections during Open Enrollment this November. Providing dependent verification prompts Benefits Administration to add dependents to HCM, allowing the employee to add those dependents when using the Open Enrollment system.

Employees will be unable to add new dependents to their benefits until they submit the required dependent verification.

A list of acceptable dependent verification documents can be found by accessing dependent verification document requirements. Documents should be submitted to Benefits Administration in Crawford Hall, Room 320, or via the Box Drive. If the documentation does not include both the dependent’s date of birth and social security number, that information must also be provided. Documentation containing social security numbers or other sensitive data should never be sent via email or fax.

Please note that dependents already included in 2019 benefits are already listed in HCM and will be available when using the Open Enrollment system in November. No additional dependent verification is needed.

Questions? Email or call the HR Service Center at 216.368.6964.