Study languages online this summer

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures has many offerings for students to study languages online this summer. For more classes during the summer, visit our website:

Department of Modern Languages and Literatures virtual abroad experiences in Italy and Cuba:

1. SPAN 306/ETHS 306: The Cuban Experience: An Immersion in its Culture and Society

3-week session
May 21st-June 10th, 2021
MTWRF from 9-11.20 am

Instructor: Damaris Punales-Alpizar, Ph.D. (
Description: This is a three-week virtual intensive course that will allow us to explore Cuban culture and history in the deepest way. Students will meet five times a week, for two hours and twenty minutes each day to discuss readings and videos related to the topic of the class. We will have conversations with Cuban writers and intellectuals who will provide first-hand knowledge on Cuban issues, and we will watch and discuss movies produced on the island.

The focus of the culture curriculum is the study of Cuban history and culture through its literature, visual arts, films, and music. After successful completion of the program, students receive 3 upper-level credits in Spanish or Ethnic Studies.

The course is interdisciplinary in approach and provides students with the tools they need to analyze and understand the complexities of modern Cuba.
Students will have formal classes taught by their professor, and talks and meetings with specialists on Cuban literature, art, architecture, history, and other aspects of culture and society.

Instruction Mode: Remote-Synchronous
Units: 3
Cap: 15

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2. ITAL 370 – Special Topics in Italian: Italian Regions Top to Toe

Instructor: Denise Caterinacci, Senior Instructor of Italian

Description: This remote-learning course offers 3 weeks of “visiting” all 20 of the Italian regions virtually while continuing to develop language proficiency. Daily Zoom sessions accelerate expected outcomes. Graduating seniors will still have this course appear on their transcripts.
Students who may not have fully completed two years of Italian yet at CWRU are encouraged to inquire, to evaluate their readiness. Permission to enroll may be given with closely equivalent experiences, and/or good results in courses taken, but not precisely two years of courses yet.

Instruction Mode: Remote-Synchronous
Units: 3
Cap: 15

Language offerings

SPAN 101: Elementary Spanish

Section 800 / Class Nbr 3511
Instructor M. Elena Fernandez, Lecturer (

Course Description: Introductory course. Students achieve control of the sound system and basic sentence structures of spoken and written Spanish. Students must use the course material offered by the Online Language Learning Center in addition to class meetings.

Capacity 18 students

SPAN (Spanish) 102: Elementary Spanish II

Section 800 / Class Nbr 3513
Instructor M. Elena Fernandez, Lecturer (

Course Description: Continuation of SPAN 101, emphasizing conversational skills. Recommended preparation: SPAN 101.

Capacity 18 students

French 101 – Elementary French I

Taught by Charlotte Sanpere, Full-time Lecturer in French
Instruction Mode: Remote-Synchronous

Description: Learn French over the Summer in FRCH 101. In this fast-paced introductory class taught over four weeks in June, you will learn to speak French while discovering the culture of France and French-speaking countries around the world.

Capacity: 18 students