Students honored for fall Intersections presentations

Support of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (SOURCE) announced the winners of the fall Intersections event held in December.

First place winners received $200 and second place winners received $100.

The winners were:


1st: Nick DiFranco, Tianbi Duan, Ed Niedoba and Jackson Pilliod for IV Port Sterilization Device. Faculty Mentor: Colin Drummond, biomedical engineering

2nd: Arielle Soffer for Systemic Inhibition of Innate Immunity Pathways Improves Intracortical Microelectrode Performance. Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Capadona, biomedical engineering.


(tie) 1st: Precious Amoako, Elizabeth Benway and Gabrielle Brown for Increasing Patient Affordable Care Act Enrollment Accessibility. Faculty Mentor: Cheryl Killion, nursing.

(tie) 1st: Madeline Haas for Infection Prevention at Sunbeam School: Teaching Hand Hygiene and Cough Etiquette. Faculty Mentor: Marilyn Lotas, nursing

2nd: Teresa Carter and Molly Jackson for Pneumonia Prevention in Geriatric Participants at McGregor PACE. Faculty Mentor: Marilyn Lotas, nursing

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

1st: Raghav Tripathi for RhoA Regulates PINK1 Accumulation and Mitophagy Through PKD Activation. Mentor: Shigeki Miyamoto, pharmacology, University of California, San Diego.

(tie) 2nd: Miarasa Steele for Inducible/de-inducible B-catenin: a model to identify wntB-catenin-responsive biomarkers in skin fibrosis. Faculty Mentor: Radhika Atit, biology

(tie) 2nd: Colleen Bosworth for A Method for Large Mitochondrial DNA Deletion Discovery in Human Cancers. Faculty Mentor: Thomas LaFramboise, genetics

(tie) 2nd: Brennan Ashwood for Potential Light-Induced Risks Associated with Expanding the Genetic Alphabet. Faculty Mentor: Carlos Crespo-Hernandez, chemistry

Social Sciences

1st: Hannah Johnson for Analysis of Hope and Avoidance During Key Processing Period in Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD. Faculty Mentor: Norah Feeny, psychological sciences

(tie) 2nd: Maria Fazal for Autistic Symptomatology in Early Childhood: A Comparison of Play and Language Between the mUPD and DEL Subtypes of Prader-Willi Syndrome. Faculty Mentor: Anastasia Dimitropoulos, psychological sciences.

(tie) 2nd: Katherine Chen and Justine Anne De Angelis for Elevate App: Utilizing Technology for Mental Well-Being. Faculty Mentors: Amy Przeworski, psychological sciences and Marc Buchner, engineering.


1st: Emily Kugel for Characterizing Views on Race: Sir Thomas Munro and his Interactions in India. Faculty Mentor: John Broich, history.