Students honored at 2013 Intersections: SOURCE Symposium

At the Dec. 6 Intersections: SOURCE Symposium and Poster Session, a number of students were honored for their oral and poster presentations.

Those awarded were:

Engineering Poster Competition

(Tie) 1st: Khalid Al-Dhubaib, “Towards a Method for Forecasting Influenza Intensity: Applied Signal Processing for Health Trends.” Faculty mentor: Vira Chankong, computer and electronic engineering.

(Tie) 1st: William Tomaszewski, “Disruption of Cluster of Differentiation 14 Signaling to Improve Intracortical Microelectrode Integration.” Faculty mentor: Jeffrey Capadona, biomedical engineering.

2nd: Olga Eliseeva, “FTIR evaluation of photovoltaic wire after destruction testing.” Faculty mentor: Roger French, materials science and engineering.

Natural Sciences Poster Competition

(Tie) 1st: Diana Basali Leptin, “Receptor Maintains Breast Cancer Cells Stem-like Behavior via its Downstream Signals.” Faculty mentor: Ofer Reizes, molecular medicine.

(Tie) 1st: Lorna Kang, “Role of autocrine C3aR/C5aR signaling in wound healing.” Faculty mentor: Edward Medof, pathology.

2nd: Gavriella Pora, “Mice with cystic fibrosis exhibit altered metabolic rates during exercise.” Faculty mentor: Ilya Bederman, pediatrics.

Nursing Poster Competition

1st: Madeline Collins and Karishma Patel, “Factors that Facilitate and Hinder Irish Travellers in the Pursuit of Higher Education.” Faculty mentor: Mary Quinn Griffin, nursing.

(Tie) 2nd: Brendon Bower, “Improving Self-Confidence in 6-8th Grade Boys in Juneau, Alaska.” Faculty mentor: Patricia Underwood, nursing.

(Tie) 2nd: Breanna Creegan and Brooke Simpson, “Education Related to the Use of Telehealth Monitors in Home Healthcare.” Faculty mentor: Patricia Underwood, nursing.

Social Sciences Poster Competition

1st: Joseph Gabriel, “How Words Hurt: Effects of Dehumanizing Narratives on Mind Attribution, Ethical Judgments, and Fellow Feeling.” Faculty mentor: Anthony Jack, cognitive science.

2nd: Sara Lynch, “Phrase-Level Tongue Movement Variability in Older Children and Adults.” Faculty mentor: Jennell Vick, psychological sciences.