Students honored at 2013 Intersections: SOURCE Symposium

At the April 18 Intersections: SOURCE Symposium and Poster Session, a number of students were honored for their oral and poster presentations.

Those awarded were:

Humanities Oral Competition

1st: Steven Cramer, “1939 Comes alive: Integrating computer gaming into the history classroom.” Faculty mentor: Amy Absher, SAGES/history.

Social Sciences Oral Competition

1st: E. Bronte Miller, “Chinese American cultural perceptions of health and cancer.” Faculty mentor: Brian Gran, sociology.

Engineering Poster Competition

(Tie) 1st: Tyler Freeto, “Heel ulcer prevention: Development of a multi-sensor tissue test device.” Faculty mentor: Kath Bogie, biomedical engineering.

(Tie) 1st: Vishnupriya Srivastava, “PCR validation of TLR knockout models to investigate the foreign body response to intracortical microelectrodes.” Faculty mentor: Jeffrey Capadona, biomedical engineering and neurosciences.

(Tie) 2nd: Monika Goss, “Development of tissue equivalent phantoms for ultrasound elastography characterization of in situ forming implants.” Faculty mentor: Agata Exner, biomedical engineering.

(Tie) 2nd: Matthew Krupcale, “Nanoscale membrane structures for radiation detection.” Faculty mentor: Philip Feng, electrical engineering and computer science.

Nursing Poster Competition

1st: Madeline Haas, “Caring about twins’ sleep: The CaTS study.” Faculty mentor: Elizabeth Damato, nursing

2nd: Sara Mithani, “Heart failure self-management: Difference in young and old.” Faculty mentor: Mary Dolansky, nursing.

Natural Sciences Poster Competition

(Tie) 1st: Kathryn Madalena, “Sympathetic neuron response to CSPG-Rich Scar environment.” Faculty mentor: Jerry Silver, neurosciences.

(Tie) 1st: Christina Xia, “Parallel pathways for odor adaptation in the mammalian brain.” Faculty mentor: Jean Moriuchi, biology.

(Tie) 2nd: Rodrigo Aguilera, “Further insights into the unique apoptotic mechanism of securinine on p53 null colorectal cancer cells.” Faculty mentor: Focco van den Akker, biochemistry

(Tie) 2nd: Oliver Ernst, “Sequential estimation of discretization errors in inverse problems.” Faculty mentor: Erkki Somersalo, physics; Daniela Calvetti, mathematics.

(Tie) 2nd: Jacob Hooks, “Do differences in ability to process salty water predispose two non-native fish species to invade different environments in the U.S.?” Faculty mentor: Ron Oldfield, biology.

Management and Accounting Poster Competition

1st: Meredith Dykehouse and Skyler Phillips, “Predicting group task success based on group coordination quality.” Faculty mentor: John Paul Stephens, organizational behavior.

Social Sciences Poster Competition

1st: Jared Friedman, “To a psychopath, you are nothing but a ‘pack of neurons’: Belief in dualism is encouraged by moral concern, not discouraged by careful thinking.” Faculty mentor: Anthony Jack, cognitive science.

(Tie) 2nd: Shannon Groll, “’It’s not about how you look’: Divergence of implicit and explicit attitudes of fat stigma.” Faculty mentor: Eileen Anderson-Fye, anthropology.

(Tie) 2nd: Eve Lanyi, “Education in multilingual societies: Implementing the mother-tongue language policy in the Philippines.” Faculty mentor: Todd Oakley, cognitive science.