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Students, faculty publish article on flipped classrooms in medical journal

Saarang Deshpande and David Ritzenthaler, medical students at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and Nicole Rudert and Jensen Lewis, assistant professors in the university’s physician assistant program, recently had their article on the flipped classroom published in Medical Teacher.

Their article, “A unique flipped classroom approach shows promising results in physician assistant education,” highlighted benefits of the flipped-classroom approach, including higher levels of enjoyment and satisfaction with in-class time, and decreased levels of boredom, when compared to a lecture-based segment of the same course.

In addition, they found the flipped-classroom curriculum produced a significant increase in pre-class preparation time, with no change in post-class studying time. Finally, they found students in the flipped-classroom curriculum scored significantly higher on clinical vignette questions, with similar performance on other question formats.

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