The CWRU Strengths Team will take over the Student Activities and Leadership Instagram account (@sal_crwu) for StrengthsWeek Feb. 22–26. StrengthsWeek focuses on building education and awareness of the CWRU Strengths Journey. Based on positive psychology, Strengths helps identify the areas in which each individual has the greatest potential for building strength. It measures recurring patterns of thought, feelings and behavior. The CWRU Strengths Journey has three steps:

  • Know: Gain an understanding of your strengths and how they make you unique.
  • Grow: How to take the knowledge you’ve acquired and use it to aid in your growth and development at CWRU.
  • Show: Be able to articulate your strengths in your own words and share it with others, CWRU and beyond.

Members of the Case Western Reserve University community can learn more about the program through daily fun facts, trivia questions and team features on Instagram. CWRU students also will share how the program has helped them during an Instagram Live event Friday, Feb. 26, at 12:30 p.m.

Watch a video on YouTube to learn more about CWRU Strengths Journey.