Photo of two women wearing masks and gloves holding paper bags of groceries

Staying Safe at CWRU: Helping others

September is National Preparedness Month, a time to consider how to stay safe in the face of potential disasters. To help members of the Case Western Reserve University community be prepared, The Daily has teamed up with the Office of Resiliency to share safety tips throughout the month.

We’ve shared information on the types of disasters you should prepare for, how to assemble an emergency supply kit, no- and low-cost ways to stay prepared and how to get youth involved.

To conclude National Preparedness Month, we’ll cover how people come together in times of need and how you can pitch in to help when disaster strikes.

Donate money

One of the most effective and needed ways to assist those impacted by a disaster is to donate to recognized disaster relief organizations.

Voluntary organizations can fund response and recovery efforts, obtain goods and services, and provide direct financial assistance to those affected by a disaster. You can make a financial contribution to any voluntary organization of your choice.

Not sure which organization to donate to? The National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster has a list of major, reputable nonprofits that are active in disasters.


Another effective way to assist those impacted by a disaster is to volunteer with a recognized organization that is involved in disaster response and recovery.

You can volunteer with a nonprofit organization and be trained to assist following a disaster. There may be local and faith-based organizations in your community that have disaster programs and need volunteers.

Not sure where to volunteer? The following groups offer a wide range of services following a disaster:

Donate goods

An additional way to help those affected by a disaster is to donate goods. Before donating any goods, please confirm what is needed before taking any action. 

Donate goods that are specifically requested by recognized organizations. Unrequested goods like clothing, household items, food, etc. cause agencies to redirect resources away from providing services to sort, package, transport and distribute items that may not be needed.

Need help determining which organizations to donate to? The National Donations Management Network (PDF) can help you make a donation.

Even though the month is coming to a close, keep up to date with preparedness recommendations or connect with other resources year round at