Stay up to date with weather-related communications by updating contact information in Rave

Last year, the university debuted Rave Mobile Safety as its text- and voice-messaging alert system. Rave, which specializes in higher education emergency communications, replaced CaseWARN.

Faculty, staff and students have been automatically registered for the system, but they are encouraged to log on to the Rave Mobile Safety website ( to confirm contact information and choose notification preferences. This includes adding a cellular phone number, so the university can alert individuals of emergencies, including weather-related delays and closures, via text or phone.

Note that cellular phone providers may charge a per-text message fee for the delivery of emergency notifications to mobile devices. Individuals are permitted to opt out of the service, but the university urges campus community members to recognize that this is an important campus safety feature. Any Rave notices will be brief and will occur infrequently.

Individuals may sign in using their Case Western Reserve single sign-on ID and password. Please note that you may need to identify Case Western Reserve as your institution. Users then will be prompted to complete the registration process and will be able to update profile information.

Information about campus emergencies or closures will continue to be available on the university’s website, via email and the VOIP campus phone system, and through social media. Be sure to “like” the university on Facebook ( to get a variety of updates on campus happenings.

Members of the campus community are encouraged to periodically review campus emergency procedures. Find the latest information here.